Terms & Conditions

  • Mini Game Go is an online mobile game developed by Pertamina through Pertamina Go application.
  • This promotion is open to the public without age restriction.
  • Participants are required to log in using accounts that have been registered on Pertamina Go application, or else, Facebook accounts are also acceptable.
  • Participants are given the opportunity to play this game as much as five (5) chances per day.
  • The chance to play will be reset back in the next day into 5 (five) times to play. Participants have the opportunity to play a maximum of five (5) chances to play.
  • In order to get additional 5 (five) chances to play, participants should come to certain location/SPBU which has been decided by Pertamina.
  • Every participant who come at least within 100 m radius from the decided location with the Pertamina Go app opened, the 5 (five) additional play chances per day will be gained automatically.
  • Every participant allowed to play as much as they want to get higher points.
  • A score leaderboard is available to allow the participants to see their ranks among other players when the game is over.
  • This game runs on Apple iOS and Android (v 4.1 and up) based smartphone.
  • The scoring system is the accumulation system and carried out in the following manner:
    1. Login required to play Mini Game Go.
    2. Player will get points on every play, as long as playing chances is still available.
    3. Points will be accumulated and listed on the score leaderboard.
    4. Points calculation will be done every monthly by the first and the last day of the month.
    5. 20 players with the highest points will get the prize, and it may vary based on their ranks on the leaderboard.
    6. Winner will be announced every 5th day on the following month.

Winners & Prizes

  • Every winners will get the prizes based on their ranks and achievements.
  • As for the ranking and the prize is listed as follows:
  • Participants with same email and phone number only allowed to get the rewards on the first period in two consecutive months.
  • Every winner will be contacted by Pertamina. Pertamina has the rights to check the validity of the email and/or phone numbers.
  • Every winners are allowed to take/get the prizes on a certain place selected by Pertamina.
  • Duration of taking the prize, is one month after the announcement of the winners take place. If the price hasn’t been taken within a month, Pertamina is eligible to select the previous winners without giving any announcement.
  • Pertamina is eligible to disqualify every contestant whom are indicated cheating.
  • The decision of Pertamina is inviolable
  • Prizes are not redeemable for cash
  • PT. Pertamina (Persero) never charge anything for this promotion. Beware of scams and frauds.
  • For further information, please contact us by mail to pcc@pertamina.co.id or phone to 1-500-000.
  • Terms and conditions may subjected to change at any time without any notice.